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Explore os Principais Fóruns e Eventos sobre o Halal

Explore os principais eventos e fóruns relacionados ao Halal em nossa página. Descubra onde líderes e especialistas se reúnem para discutir questões importantes sobre alimentação, negócios e estilo de vida Halal. Esteja atualizado sobre as últimas tendências e inovações neste mercado global em crescimento.

site : Makkah Halal Forum

Makkah Halal Forum

The Mecca Halal Forum is an annual event in Saudi Arabia, bringing together halal industry leaders and experts to discuss regulations, certification standards and business opportunities. With talks, workshops and exhibitions, it serves as a crucial platform to drive development and collaboration in the global halal industry.

Bahrain Halal de

Bahrain Halal Expo

The Bahrain Halal Expo is an annual event held in Bahrain aimed at promoting and highlighting halal products and services. Bringing together exhibitors, entrepreneurs and industry experts, the expo provides a platform to explore business opportunities, discuss trends and strengthen partnerships in the halal industry.

Gulfood de


Gulfood is one of the largest and most important food and beverage fairs in the world, held annually in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. The event attracts thousands of exhibitors and visitors from around the world, offering a platform to showcase food products, beverages, catering equipment, food technology and related services.

London Muslim Lifestyle Show site

London Muslim Lifestyle Show

The London Muslim Lifestyle Show is an annual event held in the city of London, United Kingdom, that celebrates diversity and the Muslim lifestyle. This event provides a platform for exhibitors and brands serving the Muslim market, covering fashion, food, beauty, tourism, art and culture. With fashion shows, lectures, workshops and exhibitions.

djazagro site oficial

Djaz Agro

Djaz Agro is a prominent annual fair in the agri-food sector, held at the SAFEX Exhibition Palace, in Algeria. The event brings together local and international companies to present products and services related to agriculture, livestock and agricultural technologies, providing networking and business opportunities in the region.

Halal Expo Canada site oficial

Halal Expo Canada

Halal Expo Canada is an annual event that highlights halal products and services in the Canadian market. The fair brings together national and international exhibitors to present a variety of food, beauty, lifestyle and tourism products that are compatible with halal principles. The expo provides a platform for networking, business opportunities and education about the growing halal market in Canada.

Kazan Halal Summit site oficial

Kazan Halal Summit

The Kazan Halal Summit is a prominent conference in Russia that addresses issues related to the halal market and industry. The event brings together business leaders, academics and experts to discuss business opportunities, innovations, regulations and challenges facing the halal sector. The summit provides a crucial platform to promote awareness of the halal market and drive economic and commercial development in the region.

The Saudi Food Show site oficial

The Saudi Food Show

The Saudi Food Show is a major annual food fair held in Saudi Arabia that highlights the latest trends and innovations in the food industry. The event brings together a wide range of national and international exhibitors, including manufacturers, producers, distributors and food and beverage suppliers. The Saudi Food Show provides an essential platform for networking, business opportunities and collaboration.

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